March Happenings

It’s been a busy month so far.

Three pregnant cows have been moved off the farm temporarily and have set up residence at a farm a few miles away. The neighbor needed a few animals to keep his grass pastures from getting overgrown. Our cows are enjoying their vacation with the abundance of fast growing grassland.

Bull #59 has been sold and delivered to a large ranch in Washington State. This is a ranch that has purchased several of our bulls in the past and have come back year after year to get new bulls for their herd. Bull #59 if this was a real post.

Half of the calves that were born earlier in the year are now old enough for the official veterinary checks. During the check we put in ear tags in the calves. These numbers do not mean anything officially, it is just the way to identify the calf to the mother. We keep a spreadsheet that is updated with each calf as it is born and at check time.


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