Seven Miles of Fence

Barb wire fence installed after logging.Diversity of cattle, river, timber, hay fields, pastures, barns and home require the need for fences. Constant maintenance is needed for the seven miles of fence on our land.

Springtime is the busiest time for repairing. The winter takes a toll on both barb wire that contain the herd and wooden fences that surround the barnyards. But weather is only a part of the destruction.

This fence was newly constructed after a patch of fir trees were removed with the help of West Oregon Electric (our Rural Power Company). The trees were a hazard to the power lines. We teamed up with WOE to assure the safe removal of the trees without damage to the line.

We build the fences only about 4 feet high, this is enough barrier to keep our cattle in while still leaving easy access for wildlife to come and go freely.  However, within weeks of completing this new fence along the line, a large herd of elk moved through the area, used the fence as a toy, and it had to be rebuilt. New fence is approximately 6 inches lower than the first one, and we added some bright ribbons across the top wire, hopefully this will encourage the elk to avoid running right through the fence.

WOE used cherry picker to attach cable 60 feet above the ground and added tension to the cable as the tree was cut. We were successful getting the tree down without damage to the electric power lines or to the river just over the edge of the bank.


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