April News

In January it was a bit un-nerving to realize we had twelve bulls that were weaned and almost ready to be sold. The bull pen with its two sides of grazing area was at maximum capacity. We were going through our stored hay quickly and still had six months to go before harvest season. Herd sire sales are usually the most robust during March, April and May. It is a waiting game as the owners debate their needs for their herds, but I was anxious to see movement of the fast growing critters.


It’s now mid-April and the bulls have been selling nicely. Today, two bulls #60 PSI and #56 Pair-a-Dice are being delivered to a farm in Washington State. They had been purchased last month, but the rancher needed time to move his herd around before he brought to bulls to his farm.

In two weeks, another bull that had been sold about the same time will be shipped to a new farm.Samson, the little bottle baby from last spring, will have his own herd to supervise. The bull pen seems to be getting quieter each day.In the next two months the bull pen barn will be rebuilt and having those animals out-of-the-way of construction makes things a whole lot simpler.


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