Pea Planting

Between threatening sprinkles, the rain held off long enough to get a little more done in the garden. My very early peas that are growing in the glass house have one bloom. I can taste the fresh peas already, even though it will still be several weeks before that little bloom produces a pod.
In the main garden, I tilled a strip for planting a row. Unlike the traditional planting, this is a condensed row. Many more seeds are planted closer together and I cheat when it comes to stringing them up.
Area in garden tilled for planting.
Now I’m not here to say the seed packets or planting guides are wrong. I’m just saying that I don’t follow the all the directions. Tilling is pretty straight forward, break the ground up so that the soil can cover the seeds without squashing them.
Once the soil is ready, I drive a t-post into the ground at each end of the row and tie a string from one to the other. I am not able to make a straight line even with the string, but it does help keep me close to the correct spot. I use a hoe, and with the string as a guide, pull the hoe through the soil to make a trench 1/2 to 1 inch deep the length of the string. Then I drop peas into the trench and just barely cover them with soil. I use a couple of boards to put over the seeds to help hold in natural moisture, because I don’t cover them as much as the professionals suggest.

A panel fence I refer to as hog wire, or sheep fencing is tied to the 2 posts at the ends of the rows. The solid fencing allows for the tightly sown seeds to produce a hedge of peas that are very easy to the vines on the fence.
Hog wire, or sheep fence panel used for trellis for peas.


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