Portable Electricity

More than half of our farm is across the river. Our big hay barn, the pastures, most of the cattle, timber and hay fields take up most of the area. We do not have electricity on this larger side of the farm. When power is needed for fencing around the barns, or for the two-month temporary fences we use to keep the cows out as the grass is growing for the next hay crop, we use portable solar power units.


Even in poor weather, these small low-voltage units can produce enough current to charge the barriers. The investment of these portable units have paid off many times over. The units last for several years. The only maintenance needed is a good cleaning before storing at the end of a season.

It only takes two wires strung across an area to keep a line secure. Woven wire, barbed wire, or the white tape wire known as New Zealand fencing can all be used with these chargers.

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