Wasps and Hornets Noticed

As I was washing dishes the other day, I noticed an unwelcome visitor building a hive just out my kitchen window. The beauty of the simple design made me stop to take a picture. The wasp nest that is about the size of a golf ball right now. Bees and me don’t get along very well. I swell up like a blow fish when stung. But, I did not have the heart to sweep the nest down just yet.

I look at it like science project for now. As the weather warms, the hive will grow. For now, the frosty mornings will help keep this little hive from expanding beyond control.



Hornets have also been spotted. They take advantage of cracks and crevices wherever they can find them. This group of hornets have been going in and out air holes at the top of our smoke house. We always have to clear out the bees before we smoke sausage.


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