Spring Walk along the River

killdeer eggs in nest

Can you see it? I had to search the area when there was a commotion of noise and flapping that caught my attention.

I had been walking along the river when I found this Killdeer nest with four eggs tucked inside. Killdeer are common here and it’s quite comical to watch the parent birds lure people, dogs, cows and bald eagles away from nests.Killdeer sitting on rocks.

The Killdeer are great actors and at first they just make a lot of noise. If the danger doesn’t move away from the  nest, they start hobbling as if they are hurt. If that doesn’t work they spread a wing out as if it was broken and start a hokey-pokey dance with loud cries as they entice predators to follow them away from the eggs.

I had to use zoom on my camera to get these shots so I did not disturb the little nest. Many times a human or predator disturbs the area and the parents abandon the nest.

It looks like Spring is definitely here to stay and the birds are enjoying the beautiful warmer weather.

Here is a closer view and thanks to technology, was able to get right up close without disturbing the soon to be family.

closeup of 4 killdeer eggs





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