The Last Bull Leaves


During May you had heard about Samson the bull who assisted in training three other bulls to wear halters before he moved to a new farm and a new job. Two of the other bulls had already been sold but the new owners needed to have them halter broke before they were delivered. Cooper had not been sold yet, but since we were working with three already, Cooper was trained right along with them.

Samson did a great job keeping everyone calm during the process since he was used to all the human interaction and all the business about ropes and tethers.

After the other deliveries, Cooper was the last bull left to be sold from the 2014 calf crop. He is a great looking bull, but he was the last calf born in 2014 so he is just barely 11 months old. Not quite ready to take on a herd of his own. A farmer that needs a bull after his cows have calved for this year realized that Cooper would be a good match for his operation. It will still be several months before he is ready to put Cooper in the cows, by that time he will be old enough to start breeding. Cooper was delivered to the farm about 2 hours South of here. He will be fed well while growing up for his next job.


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