Four Legged Helpers

The two farm dogs are usually right in the middle of all the action around here. Many times I will look them right in the eye and request that they learn how to pitch a little firewood, or collect rocks out of the hay fields, or roll hay bales out of the way. They just look at me with big dog grins. I am sure they know that their jobs are secure without doing any of those things. Their antics keep us entertained, and I had to share what they have been up to.

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The two dogs had come from the same litter but they are as different as night and day. Jackson (JackAss when he is in trouble) is a daredevil and a bit OCD. He runs, skids, flops and hurdles through life with great abandon without any care of the consequences. Butler (ButtHead when he is bad) is a pretty boy and extremely careful. He doesn’t like to get his feet wet, and will wait to jump off the gator until all the mud puddles are behind us.

Both dogs know that when I shout, “Someone’s going to little doggie prison!”, they scamper and hide before it all hits the fan. I threaten to knit them little orange jump suits when hoses somehow get chewed up or when one takes off after wildlife instead of coming back to the barn. I just can’t stay mad at them for very long. They will undoubtedly do something adorable and then the threat of confinement is lost in the shuffle.


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