# 89 and Her Calf


We spotted #89 away from the main herd in a secluded little niche in the field. She had been showing signs that she was close to calving and it looked like she might be in labor. When we got closer we found out she had all the hard work done already.

Her calf, Socks, was tucked in behind her. She was comfortably sleeping away in the bright morning sun. Weighing in at 75 lbs., Socks has long legs. #89 is an attentive mother and watches the little one closely.

As the cow stood up to greet Mike, the little calf awoke and joined her mother as they moved toward the tall fir trees for a little cooler and shady spot to enjoy some hay and a drink from the spring. #89 was making little mewing sounds all along the walk to the shade, informing her baby that she was safe while they walked along. These little noises comfort the easily startled youngsters and are some of the first bonding that the new pair share.

Once in the shade, #89 got busy eating hay while Socks nursed noisily.


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