Flutterby or Butterfly

A closeup view of a swallowtail butterfly on yellow and white daisies.The debate heats up as the weather warms. I always refer to the proliferation of swallowtails as flutterbys, it is much more appropriate than saying butterflies if you ask me.

Either way, it is good to see the delicate creatures come back in force.

We had visitors to the farm the other day and we were taking a walking tour. When we passed the hedge of blackberries in full bloom, the swallowtails delighted the crowd with swoops and dives and near misses with the visitors. The blackberries were just humming with millions of bees accented by hundreds of flutterbys.

Cameras came out and pictures were snapped. The insects were pretty busy with their tasks and moving quickly from spot to spot, I’m not sure if anything was in focus.

Later in the summer, when the temperature climbs above 90 degrees, these butterflies can be seen down by the river. They congregate in groups around small sand bars at the edge of the river to sip refreshing water and to keep cool.


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