Second Season Peas

The picture on the left is one of the two containers of peas that I had started in early spring in the cold frame/green house. The plants had produced many meals (and snacks) since early spring and are at the end of their growing cycle. The plants will be pulled out of the cold frame and fed to the cows. This is a wonderful treat for the few that get to rip through the vines and overgrown pods.

Meanwhile, the second crop of peas growing out in the fresh air, have grown up the trellis and are producing pea pods.

Many years ago, I had stated that I had a million dollar idea. I was always missing the green pods as they grew in the green foliage. When the pods are not kept picked back, the plant switches from producing more to ripening, thus reducing the amount of blossoms it produces. I would end up with a bunch of plants that were growing huge pods and not re-blooming. My idea was to create a pod that was red instead of green so it would stand out on the plant and not be missed.

I want to believe that someone took my million dollar idea and was able to do manipulate the genetics and do that very thing. In reality, the idea wasn’t all that new. Seeds had been available a long time ago for a version my thoughts, I just never knew about it until about ten years ago.

Now, every year I try to plant at least a few seeds of the red variety of peas. The blossoms are so pretty, and very noticeable on the green plants.



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