Strawberry Cleanup

Strawberry season is now over and the patch needs attention.

I set the lawn mower on the highest level and mowed the sucker down. The plants do not need to be putting their energy into the bushes now that the berries are done producing. Baskets and baskets of leaves were fed to the cows.

Once the area has been clipped off, I can get around to those pesky weeds that have been flourishing beneath all the foliage. The patch, without this added cover will also dry quite a bit and slugs will not hang around the dried patch.

One of these upcoming weeks, when the weather is moderate, I will run the rototiller through the patch and make the unruly thicket into three rows. Any plants that have been dug up with the rototiller that still have good roots can be moved and replanted in a new row. I hope to have at least five rows of berries for next year. And to think all this started last year with just a handful of purchased Hood Strawberry plants.

In the first picture, the row of lettuce is now crowding whats left of the row. The lettuce was planted in that spot to encourage the strawberries to contain themselves in the designated patch. In the next few weeks the lettuce will be done with its growing cycle and the plants will be pulled out. They will also be fed to the cows, and this will also give me room to expand the strawberry patch to the full size intended for next years crop.

The second picture shows the trimmed patch. I have already rooted a few of the runners into planters to share with a friends garden.




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