Once a Cheater

We were working on some hay equipment, when Mike could not get a bolt loose. He was using long handled wrenches, but did not have enough umph to break the bolt free.

He mumbled something about needing a cheater bar. Some people call them breaker bars, it is basically a simple device that extends the length of the tool so more force can be used on the far end. In this case, the solidly stuck bolt.

The cheater that we usually have close by when we are working in the shop is an old piece of pipe about 2 1/2 feet long, it slides over the end of the wrench and extends 2 feet past the end of the tool. It works great, when we have it handy. We were working in the barn across the river and far from the cheater bar.

Mike did the next best thing, he took a second wrench and hooked the eye through the open mouth of the first wrench and had a makeshift cheater bar in a snap. It was a little tricky holding pressure to keep the two wrenches from slipping apart, but the cheater worked well and the bold was removed easily.



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