Time for Thinking Caps

The danger tree has completed its transformation. Originally dying from the top down, the tree was topped, then a second section was cut off. After cleanup of the first two/thirds of the tree, the last of the big white fir was cut down.

Since the tree was no longer healthy and had evidence of infestation, it was not possible to sell the tree as logs. White fir is a soft wood with has a distinct odor of urine. Most people do not care to use it as firewood. Since we use an outdoor wood-fired boiler, we decided to salvage the tree and use it for firewood.

A neighbor that noticed the work going on to clean up this danger tree remarked that they knew we were serious about cleaning up the yard when they saw the tractor, chain saw, wood splitter all working at the same time.

As we split the wood, it was loaded into the John Deere Gator and stacked by the wood boiler.

Now comes the part where you need to get your math skills out and give an educated guesstimate on the amount of firewood we were able to salvage from this old tree.

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To help with your calculations, here are a few clues

  • The tan building with the dark roof is the wood shed. It was filled with 5 1/2 cord of wood before we started the stack outside. Add the 5 1/2 cord to your firewood total.
  • The stacks are started in line with the back side of the wood shed.
  • The wood is stacked as tightly as possible, there are no gaps in the pile.
  • The stack closest to the woodshed had to be stopped short of the other stacks so we would still be able to open door of boiler.
  • Feel free to look back through the blog for more information to help you determine the total.
  • I refuse to tell you how much blood, sweat and tears were involved with this project.

Use the comment box to submit your estimate of the amount of firewood salvaged.



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