A Mothers Job is Never Done

While feeding the cows, we came across a bull calf that just could not wait for his mother to stand up for his morning breakfast. He was happily nursing as she was resting in the pasture. #7 is a dutiful mother, but on this day she must of been plum tuckered out and didn’t rise for the occasion. The calf, Heptagon, was born April 6th and is a nice, stout calf. He does not like to skip meals.

To get a better angle, he gently moved his mothers leg by pushing it with his nose to expose a teat. He even tried bunting as he nursed to encourage the mother to let more milk down into her udder.

When he had finally gotten his fill, he turned to look at the camera. The sight of the satiated calf with milk smeared all over his face had us laughing at the pair. I referred to him as ‘butter face’.

The mother finally got up and headed toward her own breakfast of sweet grass hay before moving off to graze for the rest of the day.

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