Making Room for the Sire

During hay season while we had the herd sire visiting with the show cows, we had to improvise. His head and neck were just too big to fit into the stanchions (head gates) where the cows, heifers and calves eat.

We happened to have a heavy steel divider bar in our collection of unused barn parts. These bars are commonly used in dairy barns and contain the large cows so they don’t crowd their neighbors. The bars are bolted onto a secure wall and they stick out horizontally. We up-ended the rounded bar and put the part that attaches to the wall flat on the floor and attached it to a solid post on one side and a gate on the other. At dinner time the bull would walk into his pen with our fashioned head gate where he could eat freely. I had to lock the calves and heifers out as he was eating because they could walk right through the big gap, but the bulls big shoulders kept him at the perfect level for comfortable dining.

The makeshift fix works well for this job and it only took twine from the hay bales to make this temporary head gate a success.


The bull is now back across the river with the main herd and the head gate can be dismantled easily.


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