Danger Tree Answer Revealed

This post is the answer to the question posed in the posts from Downing a Danger Tree and Time for Thinking Caps. How much firewood did I end up with?

I got quite a chuckle from some of the email, phone calls, texts, and one neighbor actually driving over to view the wood pile and give an answer in person. Not surprisingly, my group includes a good percentage of comedians and rarely do they follow directions. Frankly, I have gotten many more questions than answers to this brain teaser.( And really, BJ, do you seriously think that I am going to load all of that back up and haul it to your house where I know I will need to re-stack the darn thing?)

I do, however, need to comment on the answers that I have gotten from the query, first I will answer the most common question that was directed right back at me.

Several queries revolved around my sharing or lack there of. (Sam, you cannot shame me into loading your pickup.) My answer is that I AM willing to share my heat from the Danger Tree bounty that is stacked by the wood shed, however, the sharing will have to be here at the farm since I am not moving that stack again. Also, I expect to have dinner brought and cleanup after from those who wish to share the warmth. ( bec1and2, please include a good bottle of wine when you bring dinner.)

Distance shot of large stacks of firewood against woodshed.

Distance pic of firewood


No more delay. The answer is 5.5 cord inside the wood shed and 7.03 stacked outside making a total of 12.53 cord of firewood. (Thank you Jamey C for your generous guess but I am not that tough!)

Thank you all for reading my blog and enriching my life!


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