Potato Update

I stopped piling dirt on top of the potato plants about a month ago and they have been growing well. The first picture shows the potatoes in the background and a row of beans in the front. The second picture shows the light purple blossoms now on the purple potatoes. It’s fairly easy to tell many of the varieties by their blossoms.

There are several varieties growing in the garden. Red, purple and yellow are in the tires that have been built up. The fingerlings are scattered throughout the corn (apparently my digger did not gather ALL the potatoes at the end of last season). I left the scattered plants to grow instead of pulling them as weeds. I will harvest them when the corn ripens.

In case you were wondering about my digger, well, I had a serious conversation about the proper way to dig and gather all the potatoes in each hill. I mentioned that a demotion may be in order. Since I am the digger, I decided that route would not be prudent since I would not want to have a fight with myself. It’s hard enough trying to get any work out of me as it is!




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