July Update

A couple of thunderstorms have rolled though this month and dropped much needed rain. The fire danger decreased slightly during the mid-month but since then it has risen back up to high. The temperature has moderated and we are enjoying a cooler period which is a relief to the animals and humans.

The main herd across the river have their herd sire back and they spend their days in the coolness of the big maple trees and graze over large areas of the farm.

We have been busy preparing the show string for the fairs in between our regular farm duties, and you will be seeing the progression of all the preparation with the show string in a series of posts that are coming up.

The trusses have arrived for the replacement structure for the Crooked Barn finally!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It will only take a few weeks to get the barn up once the fairs are over. By that time we will need to use the barn because the older bull calves born in January of this year will need to be weaned and taken away from their mothers. The mothers have already been bred by the herd sire and need this time away from this years babies to grow the calves already inside them in preparation for calving next year.


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