Get Aways

The summer squash has started coming on and producing loads and loads of of edibles. I try to keep them picked so there are always new blossoms and immature squash that keep growing.  The neighbors have all gotten their share, I take bags full to meetings and gatherings, and still there are squash that are hidden under a leaf that reach gargantuan in size. A friend of mine refers to these rogue veggies as ‘get aways’ as in, you thought you had them all picked but they get away from you and grow too big to use.

Even when a squash is much too big to grind up for baking, the cows enjoy them. IMG_3687They go well with the apples, leaves that fall from the maple trees, bolted lettuce, and assorted fruits and veggies from the garden.

Sorting bits that we do not eat is second nature here on the farm.

In the kitchen, peelings from apples, tops and bottoms of cucumbers, pear cores, carrot tops and the like are separated as we prepare food. These fresh fruits and vegetables are taken to the barn and fed to the cows. Cooked food and plate scraped bits are fed to the dogs and cats. Egg shells, coffee grounds, peach pits, avocado shells and stuff like that are put into the compost pile in the garden where it will eventually enrich the soil.

I don’t even miss the fact that we do not have a garbage disposal. Some visitors to the farm just don’t understand the concept.


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