Getting Prepared for the Fair III

This is the third post in the Fair Prep Series.

Normally on the farm, we do not wash the cattle.

But when we are getting the animals ready for travel and the fair weeks, they get a shampoo with a good bubble scrub down and hose off. Then it’s back into the barn for a high-powered blow dry. What looks like a canister vacuum with a long hose is turned on and a rush of warm air blow dries their coat.

It is a whole new experience for some of the show animals, and some are a bit skittish the first time. But before long they find the pampering to be a nice experience when they understand the procedure. They especially enjoy the blow drying after the wash. The cows will swing their back ends happily, as if dancing to music, as the high-powered rush of warm air massages their hides and dries their coats.

Getting Prepared for the Fair I

Getting Prepared for the Fair II


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