Could it Be a Crop Circle

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Stepping out the front door one morning, we noticed the driveway was covered in strange drag marks.

One lone pear was found in one of the tracks. It looked like something had dragged the pear back and forth across the driveway a hundred times. The pears fit perfectly into the end of one of the tracks, it was the right shape to make all the tracks. What didn’t make sense was that if the pear is what made the trails, something or someone would have to have maneuvered backward dragging the pear behind it as it patterned the driveway.

Upon closer inspection, we could see tracks not only going from the house toward the shop where the pear tree is located, to seeing tracks randomly down the driveway, around the house and out into the barnyard area.

My first thought was that one of the dogs had broken his chain and was dragging it around behind him during the night. But both dogs were just sitting there in their dog area, angelic as cherubs, as we tried to determine the cause of our possible alien encounter.

Within an hour, the early morning quandary was solved with a delivery for the barn construction. As the truck drove into the driveway, Jackson, the OCD/ADD fireball dog, took off from his area and went scooting down the driveway to meet the delivery. He was dragging ten feet of tether chain behind him and making a perfect crop circle mark all the way down the driveway.

Apparently, sometime during the late night/early morning hours, Jackson had broken his tether and commenced to meander feverishly over every flat surface around the house, shop and barn.

During one of his sweeps from the house to the dog area to visit with his brother, he had snagged his chain on his tether stake and he was once again grounded right where he was supposed to be. When the delivery showed up, a quick tug on the line set him free to answer all our questions.

The pears that had fallen during the night were just a bonus. I’m sure he probably had already eaten a bucketful before dropping the last one right by the sidewalk and forgetting about it. The pear just happened to fall into one of the marks and fitted right into the trench he had made.




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