A clump of six foot hollyhocks bloom in the garden.The hollyhocks are stretching up about six feet tall now.

Usually only a couple of blooms will open at a time for a beautiful showing, keeping the bunch a colorful spot all summer long.

The pretty crepe-paper looking blooms range in color from a pale white, to pink to burgundy. They  had started blooming in early summer at about two and a half feet and have been slowly laddering their way up the sturdy stalks.

One of the best things about the hollyhocks, they are very low maintenance.

I had run the weed eater around the base in early spring to keep the grass from overtaking the plant and did pull out a few straggler grasses as they popped up through the fast growing bunch. Then in the fall after the blooms are done and the stocks start to die back, they can be quickly clip off and disposed in the compost.


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