Garden Explosion

While we were busy for a couple of weeks traveling and showing the cows at the local fairs, the garden exploded with growth.

Brother Roger steps out of the corn patch showing the crop has grown to about 9 feet tall.

Tomatillos have sprung up amongst the beans and are trying to take over, the pigweeds are growing faster than the mowed-off strawberries, the potatoes that were accidentally missed during the harvest last fall are growing between and inside the rows of corn, the squash plants are creeping all over everything, and the corn is trying to reach 10 feet tall.

I sent out a text to the neighbors

This is an alert from the bean broadcasting system.
Not an emergency as of this posting but check for updates.
Beans as well as squash, beets, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes if you want to dig them are available now. The blackberries by the bridge are hanging heavy if you need a good picking spot.

The alert was just the thing to send a few helpers to clean up some of the overgrown garden. After buckets and buckets of produce were harvested, I set the irrigation sprinklers for a good drenching.

I will probably have to send out an alert again in a few days. The joy of gardening is always better when you can share the bounty. Which reminds me that National Zucchini Day was on August 8th while I was busy at the Fair.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this tradition, I will enlighten you. In a nutshell, those with an abundance of zucchini, which is ANYONE who has a zucchini bush, is supposed to take the extra zucchini, bag it up and put it on the door step of of a neighbor. It seems that by August 8th, it is hard to even give away the darn squash because it is so prolific everyone is tired of it.




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