Transparent Apple Harvest

The first picture shows the process of peeling, slicing the apples into a water/citrus bath, draining and placing onto the dehydrator screens.

The second picute shows in the background the water/citrus bath in clear bowl, the draining slices in a green colander and in the foreground, dried apples ready to package.

The Transparent Apple season is short lived. The apples are the first ones ripe in the garden and you will never find them in the grocery stores because they have no shelf life. I enjoy eating the apples as they fall naturally from the tree. Early morning, the garden is my first stop before heading out into the barn. The fresh fallen apples bruise easily and each delicious apple may only yield a half an apple as I eat around the bruise.

Once the apples have grown to optimum sweetness and are still a little crisp, I gather enough for a dehydrator-full at a time.  There are only a few days each year when the apples are sweet enough to dry while still being firm enough to hold together for slicing.

The apples are peeled, sliced, and placed into a water/citrus bath to retard browning. I usually use the juice of a lemon, but lime, orange or grapefruit work just as well and add a slightly different flavor to the finished apples.

I was able to get almost three dehydrator loads of Transparents dried and packaged for this years harvest. I was able to package up 4 quarts into sealed bags.

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