April Revisited

In April I had used a wood pallet for DIY project mini-greens garden. The small plot gave me loads of fresh greens early in the year.  It was originally planted on April 19.

Completed pallet garden with seedlings.

Just Planted April 19

Since it was just outside my kitchen window, I was able to keep a close eye on it and monitor water supply. First harvest was thinning, within weeks of the thinning, I had fresh greens for every meal and even enough for a huge salad when entertaining.

Once the regular garden got into production, this little plot of greens was abandoned. The plants had played out after the production process.

I pulled the plants, the cows enjoyed a last meal from the mini-greens garden before I let it dry out for the summer.

I have just replanted with lettuce, spinach and green onions for the fall crop. As of today I have a little bit of green showing in the rows. Starting a fall crop while the days are still hot, I have to watch the watering a little closer than in the spring. I have a maple tree that shades the little plot during the late morning hours and the house shades during the heat of the day.

While I am still enjoying my third planting of lettuce in the garden, I’m looking forward to the fall mini-greens garden.


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