Smoke and Haze

Heavy smoke had settled into our little valley. We are unused to poor air quality around here. It is all the talk on the news channels these days. The smoke is coming south from all the fires in Washington State and hung around all Saturday and into Sunday. Air Quality reports said the air was unhealthy.

In the midst of all the smoke we heard that there was a fire locally. The fire was located about 5 miles from the farm in tall timber and was being handled by the local fire departments calling in several of the neighbor fire departments. Since this fire was near Hwy. 26, the fire department shut the Highway down and our little county road became the detour for all of the traffic too and from the coast.

Sunday evening, the winds had switched and the prevailing breeze from the ocean blew the smoke out of our little valley and out the Portland area.

With all the dense smoke gone, we were able to see our local fire as it was now in the mop-up stage. Just over the rise, the slight smoke would rise and be dissipated by the light winds.

Little smoke still visable and being disapated by light winds at end of fire.Many crews from local fire departments helped to attack this fire before it had the opportunity to creep through the canyon where it could have affected many homes. Once the local departments realized the tough terrain and lack of water resources in the immediate area, they turned the fire fight over to Oregon Forestry Department.

ODF was able to bring in two tanker airplanes and one helicopter to douse the flames from the air. As of this posting the fire is under control. The news reports say that this human-caused fire was the result of target practicing.

The woods are tinder dry. Fire danger is extreme in the area. My heart goes out to our neighboring States that are struggling with this fire season.






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