An Evening of Mushrooms

A table of mushrooms are being identified and labeled for a mycological meeting.Even though the weather has been unusually dry this year, people around the area were still able to find mushrooms to bring into a meeting held at the World Forestry Center in Portland.

I had the opportunity to attend the meeting  and listen to the speakers during this evening event held recently.

One speaker was Ranger Dane Osis. He is the Forest Ranger stationed at Fort Stevens State Park on the Oregon Coast.

I try to attend events where he is the speaker. A very knowledgeable and funny storyteller, he weaves his personal stories into his informative talks. He is known to pull a crowd out of the classroom and into the woods in order to walk the talk.

The evening was informative and interesting. A special thank you to the Oregon Mycological Society for allowing the meeting to be open to the public. The room was packed with people.

It reminded me that with the chance of rain in the forecast, mushroom season will not be far behind.


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