I Called it Trombone-ish

My followers are wonderful. The responses that I get to my simple little posts about the comings and goings around the Schmidlin Angus Farm keep me grounded literally and figuratively.

My post about the unusual squash that has been trying to take over the garden was first noted in a post earlier this month, A Wall of Squash.

In the post I had described the unusual summer squash but had forgotten the name. One of my followers turned into a detective, started research, and found out all about this funny little vegetable.

Shortly after my post, this message was sent to me…

The webpage information about the trombone squash.So Tromboncino squash it is!  Not only that, but I found out that I can let them grow and try them as a winter squash also.

Apparently, I had not read the whole packet of my original seeds. This is a truth that I had not shared on my posts. And since I am coming clean, I will also state that I do not follow recipes either. I can send copies of recipes that I have in my extensive file, but I can assure you that I don’t adhere to the directions very well. I use them as a guideline, but swerve out of the lines freely. Consequently, I can never make the same recipe each time. Or perhaps I should say, it starts off the same, but the end result may be much different.

Now that I completed my confession, I will get to the whole point of today’s post.

However I get information, it is welcomed in all its forms. Many, many thanks to my followers. You are making this journey with me and I am very happy we are in this together!


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