Visitors on the Farm

We enjoy having visitors at the farm. Watching children who haven’t had a farm experience before is truly magical. The same applies to adults.

Several years ago, I entertained a couple who came from Portland. Before living in the largest city in Oregon, they had been city-dwellers in the Far East.

They brought their toddler with them when they came out to see a real working farm. They were happy to walk through the barns and the fields, very carefully of course. We pointed out the logging operation, the trees growing on the hillside, the natural area by the river, our hay fields, and the basic philosophy of the farm.

The husband was holding the toddler during the whole farm tour and when we walked into the orchard. He had to shuffle the young one around a bit as I pulled an apple off the tree and handed it to him. He began showing the apple to the toddler and explaining that it had been growing on the tree. I grabbed a second apple and handed it to the mother. She thanked me and held the apple without much notice.

We moved onto the vegetable area. I bent down and pulled a large carrot from the ground, then did a natural thing for a very country person. I swiped the carrot one direction across my jeans, then back across the other direction. Just enough motion to knock off most of the dirt, and I took a large bite from the bottom of the carrot and chewed contently.

Both the wife and husband were staring at me. I thought the wife was going to be sick, she had turned an unnatural shade of gray.

Once the wife had gotten her wave of nausea under control, she stammered, “I was waiting to wash my apple so I could take a bite, and you ate a carrot with dirt still on it!”

I reviewed the farms policies, about not using chemicals on the land or the vegetation, and  posed a question back to the visitors about what it was that they wanted to wash off the apples. Before the wife could come up with an answer, the husband took a bite and started moaning with pleasure about the delicious fresh-picked apple.

We completing the farm tour, and the family joined us for lunch, after I assured them that I did wash every one of the root vegetables before serving!

A more recent tour was just last week when three kids, mother and grandmother were on a family visit our farm.

We all had so much fun raiding the garden after the farm tour that day. The kids were very excited to get their hands into the plants and find edible treasures they could take home. I was having so much fun that I forgot to take a picture of all the activity. Thankfully the mother had snapped a few and shared them with us.

This is a slideshow from a visitor point of view.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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