Nine Weaned Calves

Five weaned bulls are learning how to eat hay in manger.

The nine calves we had put nose clips in just more than a week ago have now been moved away from their mothers. We have them in the barn closer to the house where we can keep a close eye on them and their progress through the stage of learning. All but one of these animals were fed inside a barn before we moved them this week.

With the help of Mulberry, who was born around the show barn and familiar with the idea of eating hay in a manger, the five bulls are calming down and are eating well.

The calves have all had their green nose clips removed and are getting their first tastes of clover hay along with chopped apples during their meals.

Heifers are not quite as comfortable as bulls when it comes to sticking their heads into the manger to eat hay.The four heifers are on the opposite side of the barn from the bulls and since they don’t have the calming effect of one that knows the rules, are a little more hesitant about sticking their heads in the manger for eating.

Within a couple of days they too will be comfortable with the process. Several of them are already letting me hand feed them an apple slice or two before shying away.


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