Dog Gone

When doing the chores, we always let one dog go at a time to run and play. If we let them both loose at the same time, they tend to take off for the hills. The lure of wildlife lurking in the woods is just too great of a temptation for them.

The John Deere Gator is home base for the dogs. Butler likes to ride in the front of the gator, and Jackson the daredevil prefers the back.

Butler is usually let off his tether first. He has figured out that if he takes a quick trip around the barn and comes back to the gator he will get an extra run after Jackson has had his free time. Since that works so well, we try to keep the schedule going.

The other day, I had parked the gator outside the barn while I had a few tasks to do and realized that I had not given Jackson his freedom yet. I started calling for Butler, Mike whistled, and we waited. It seemed like Butler must have taken off on an adventure.

Several minutes later, I headed over to the gator to load some equipment and noticed the missing dog.  Butler had been sleeping contently under the gator the whole time!

The dog, Butler, was found resting comfortably under the John Deere Gator.





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