Crockpot Vegetables

I had a request to post the recipe for my layered crockpot vegetables.

I like to start the crockpot full of veggies on low in the evening just before going to bed. By lunchtime, the vegetables are cooked tender and flavorful.

WARNING! my recipes are only loose guidelines. I seriously change this one every time I make this delicious dish.

The whole recipe is layers of all fresh, uncooked vegetables straight into the crockpot.

Potatoes usually take the longest to cook so I start with those on the bottom. This time I put the beans in next, and carrots. No I did not measure any of them.

I added a couple cloves of garlic, and sliced some summer squash. I added an ear of corn that I had cut off the cob and put cherry tomatoes over the top with a sprinkle of dried onions.

With a fork, I mixed flour, butter and chicken stock to make the gravy. I did not cook the gravy first, it does it all by itself in the crockpot.

I poured the gravy mixture over the whole pot, checked to make sure it was turned on and plugged in and put the lid on the top.

I gave the pot a quick stir in the morning just to check if it needs more moisture or more gravy.

This dish was loaded up and hauled to Lincoln City for a potluck meal. It had good reviews!


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