Slug City


I got them.

I got a lot of them.

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Early morning in the garden, I can find these guys and their sweethearts happily munching and procreating like crazy.

Diatomaceous Earth (slug bait) makes these big guys just laugh.

I tried beer in saucer, the dogs drank it.

A friend of mine told me to put cucumber peels in a tin (had to be tin, not aluminum) pie pan to keep the slugs away from the whole garden. When I had my back turned, the cats ate the cucumber.

A sister-in-law uses scissors to cut the beasts in half. That seems like a lot of un-necessary bending.

I stomp on them. I stomp on them with gusto and  giddy satisfaction.

So if you drive by and see me flailing about in the early morning hours around the fruits and vegetables, rest assured that I am not having a seizure.  It is just slug stomping.




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