A Tour at the Trappist Abbey

I had a chance to take a tour at the Trappist Abbey near Carlton to see what they are doing with the property.

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I was amazed with the beautiful surroundings.

The Abbey sits in the middle of wine country with 1500 acres of fir, cedar and oak stands with large farm fields, intensive forestry practices and a quiet retreat sanctuary.

The monks are tending to the land with great care and have employed foresters to clean and thin many of the stands. The acreage has areas that are poor, rocky soil where the oak savannah boasts 100 year old trees. They have the hillsides that have fir trees topping out around 120 feet tall and the wet areas where cedar grow well.

Fifteen years ago, a portable log mill was brought onto the property to saw the lumber for the new structures. I highly recommend a visit to the church to see the warmth the wood from the property added to the structure. It is a very inviting place to see and to spend a moment in the beauty.

The Abbey is welcoming to all that wish to visit. The grounds are open and visitors are free to walk the rocked roads that wind through the 1500 acres.

One of these wet days, I will have to go back for a slow walk through the woods to remember all the information shared during this beautiful tour.


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