More Garden Cleanup

The wall of squash has been frosted quite severely.  It is time to harvest and clean up that part of the garden. In the picture you can see a light-colored tromboncino squash hanging amid the frost curled leaves.

The squash is still use-able but I don’t think that it will store well because the skin has not hardened like the butternut squash.

After harvesting all the butternut squash, then all the trombocino squash and storing the hard skinned butternuts, and giving away many of the tromboncinos, I still had a lot of squash to use up.


That is a big order.

I started with scallop potatoes with layers of slice squash mixed into the casserole dish.

Having the potatoes and squash in slices, I layered with onion, garlic, grated cheese, and my special ingredient, wild mushrooms.



It takes only a few mushrooms to add flavor to this dish, I always chop much more than I need and then have to figure out how to use them before they turn soft.

I layered all these goodies into a large casserole dish and covered them with a white sauce and baked it for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

The results made for a delicious side dish. No one realized that squash was part of the layers. The squash has such a mild flavor that it blended into the dish. This is a good way to stretch potatoes if you are limited by your storage or by diet!



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