Life in Bits and Pieces

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We have finally gotten around to completing the fence around the barnyard of the barn we put up across the river a couple of years ago.  Originally we had started this fence just after completion of this barn, but other tasks kept the job from completion. We had completed the first side and corner and matched it  with the wire fence that was there from the old barnyard.

The boards were ones that we had salvaged when we tore down the old barn.

The old fence was just barely holding the cows out of the barnyard. It was surprising just how hard it was to tear out all the posts, wire, baling twine and years of patchwork to try to keep the fence standing.

The barnyard fence is now complete, and just in time. The herd needs to be brought into the barnyard and barn in a few days to put the green weaners into the next batch of calves.



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