Yet More Apples

I have spent a lot of time drying apples and have the cupboard stuffed with what my sister and I refer to as ’emergency fruit.’ I have to tell you that those little packets have saved me from a rumbly tummy more times than I can count.

My niece took exception to the term and stated that the variety of dried fruit that gets mingled in a bag and hauled on every trip into the woods, tucked into every vehicle we own, and  even poked into gift baskets should be renamed ‘adventure fruit!’ The new name fits well and now I just have to remember to call it by the new name!

Now I am  weary of shuffling drying racks each day, yet I still have apples left.  I have switched to freezing.


Just like the zucchini, I have been preparing chopped apples for the freezer.

Once the weather is more toward the colder side, I will be using the frozen apples in pies and breads.

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