Digging out the ditch that holds a broken culver.Every fall one of the tasks around the farm is to make sure this small culvert is cleaned out and working.

It is an important task because this culvert takes the water that has drained under the road to the river. If the culvert doesn’t drain the water, we would be unable to drive to the bridge to get across the river to the cows. Earlier in the year, some of the farm equipment had cut across the end of the plastic culvert and broke it. It also needed to be cleaned out on each end to remove any dried mud and grass that had sealed the culvert shut.

Since the culvert had been installed and secured with loads of river rock to keep it in place, the task of cleaning around it is more like trying to chunk up odd size pieces of cement.

About an hour of digging was spent trying to find the lower crushed end of the culvert to no avail.  Finally, we found the end of the culvert and set about to widen and strengthen the area.

We drove a ‘sleeve’ of aluminum irrigation pipe over the broken end and placed cement building blocks on both sides to shore up the broken end and also to keep cows and back tires from breaking the end any more.

We finished the project for today by covering the strengthened culvert with dirt. Another load of rock will be added to the road above before the fall rains start in earnest.


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