Just the Right

Area of the hillside where the mushrooms are expected to grow.Just the right slope, at just the right elevation, with just the right size trees that have just the right canopy to allow just the right amount of moisture to wet the ground.

This was the only spot I was able to find a handful of mushrooms when I went gathering  out in the forest the other day.

I spotted the opaque white, jelly like, angel teeth mushrooms first. They are edible, but they have no flavor and disintegrate when cooked.  And they are awful small. The fir needles are bigger than they are.

I continued looking and finally spotted an edible that would be wonderful in potato soup, which was the whole reason why I wanted a few mushrooms in the first place.

I take mushroom hunting and gathering seriously. I attend seminars and classes on mushrooms each year and I do not mess with anything that I cannot identify or if I cannot be positive of what kind of mushroom it is.

These edibles are still very small, but the hour of walking in the woods was still a nice way to spend an afternoon. In case you were wondering, I ended up with only a handful of mushrooms, just enough for dinner. More rain over the weekend should bring more growth of this wonderful fall harvest.

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