The Last of the Apples

The last two trees in the garden to still have a few apples on them.Now that the leaves are falling it is easier to see apples left on the trees. We are down to only having two trees left with apples on them.The small tree in the front was planted three years ago and had about 20 apples that grew to maturity.

The tree behind is an old tree that had been grafted, the right side, with the leaves about gone has red delicious and the left side a later fall apple. The red delicious side only had a few misshapen apples and the left side still has a few buckets of apples still to go, they are hard to see in this picture because they are the same color as the leaves right now.

By next week, all the leaves will be gone, and the birds will swoop in and finish off all of them if we don’t harvest them ourselves.


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