Fungus Amongst Us

I had to a chance to take a walk in the woods with some visitors to the farm. We went on a small mushroom foray. The weather was calm and it was a nice trek partway up the hill into the forest.

The visitors had recently sent me pictures when they attended of the Oregon Mycological meeting. I went to a meeting during the hot days of summer and all the specimens that were found were pathetic little mushrooms and not more that a dozen different kinds.  I was anxious to find out what information I could glean from them as we headed for the woods.
It didn’t take long before we were finding fungus. Since my visitors are well trained in wild mushrooms from both Minnesota and Oregon, they were sharing a wealth of information as we walked. I was learning while I was looking. My guests were hoping to find edibles called boletus (we just call them boletes).

At the meeting, there was almost a whole table designated to the Boletus varieties.
Boletes are found more plentiful farther into the coast range and closer to the beaches. They like to grow where more cedar and hemlock trees are growing. I understand that Fort Stevens and the Tillamook Forestry Center properties have boletus growing in profusion, but have not had the opportunity to witness that first hand, that is still something that I would like to investigate.
Previously, during my little trips into the forest, I believed that I had seen some small boletes, but since I could not make an absolute determination, did not pick them.
We gathered enough mushrooms for a meal or two, finding lobsters and chanterelles. We were only a couple hundred yards from where I had spotted the potential boletes the other day, but did not spot a single one during this hike. Our time had just about run out for the hike, because it was getting close to evening chore time with the cows.
The guests were not too disappointed because what they did find were prime, number one grade chanterelles, and are already planning another visit to the farm in hopes of finding the elusive boletus.

A man and woman hunting mushrooms in the Pacific Coast Range of Oregon.

I’m happy with the visit because after the hunting, the couple helped with the evening chores.


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