New Finds in the Forest

I finally found some hedgehog mushrooms. These are the first ones of the season. The tops have a color almost like chanterelles, but underneath, instead of having fins like the chanterelles, they have little ‘teeth’. They are also quite a bit smaller than the chanterelle, a large hedgehog top is about the size a quarter.

Some people believe that hedgehogs are a better tasting delicacy. They sure are more elusive around here,  I only found a total of eight of them in my travels, half of them were really little.

The fuzzy topped boletes were also seen during my gathering. They are a slow-growing mushroom and should be hanging around awhile. They should be able to be found until the frosts are cold enough to disturb them under the thick fir stands.

I continue to search for the cauliflower mushroom. On a good year, we are lucky to find one on our property. Many years we never find a cauliflower, but I keep hoping.

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