A New Chapter for Crude

Crude has been away from his mother for more than a week now and well-established with his pen mates #70 and #71.

Three young angus bulls in pen eat hay from manger.Just before we moved him away from his mother, we ear tagged him. His identifying tag is #56. We will be moving the trio out to the left side of the bull barn and pasture where he will continue to grow with his pen mates.

Until now, the trio has been getting a few apples mixed in with their hay and grass-screening pellets. They have learned not frightened when locking their heads into the stanchions (head gates) to reach into the manger for food. They tolerate me as I walk around the barn and don’t balk when I walk in front of them when fluffing hay in front of them. They will enjoy more freedom they will have in the bull pen.


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