A Flat Cat and the Frosty Fall Morning

Don’t be alarmed, the cat is perfectly fine. She is flat because she wants to be.

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On this brisk, foggy, autumn day. Our calico Momma cat can be found hugging the stovepipe of out outdoor wood-burning furnace.

This is a good vantage point. On sunny days she idles away the time bird watching, or spying on the dogs. She teaches the other cats the way to get up to the warm spot.

Her route to the roof is quite perilous, yet she makes the trip several times a day when it is not raining. It begins with a climb along a wooden fence to a spot where she can jump to the roof of the homemade smokehouse. From the smoke house, it is an easy launch to the roof of the woodshed. Then, a leap down from the top of the woodshed to the metal roof of the furnace.

The metal of the furnace can be the slickest surface, the leap from the woodshed to the metal can send the cat flying right off if she doesn’t have a good landing. I have learned to be aware of flying cats as I walk past the stove during the day to avoid getting caught in the whirlwind of a cat with open mouth and eyes, tail fluffed to the extreme and claws extended in a wide open form.

Today the landing was perfect, and Momma spends hours snuggling with the warm pipe and napping. Most of the time, she is flat as she molds herself to the shape of the roof. It is too cold and too foggy of a day to spend time bird watching.


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