Ornamental Tree Trimming

Ornamental trees in the fall after losing most of their leaves.I do not claim to be an arborist.  I have no formal training, but I can tell that my ornamental trees need help. They are all out of shape and I am afraid that if I do not cut them back, their tops will grow so stringy that they will break where I don’t want them to.

The fall is a good time to attack the problem. I am not one to spend a lot of time on the trees that are not going to be bearing fruit. The chainsaw and pole pruner are used with wild abandon. The small, flowering cherry tree on the right has already seen my handiwork. Next I will start to whittle on the maple and flowering plum.

The look very naked right now, but in the spring they will burst out with beautiful foliage. The maple tree will still shade my rustic yard bench.

The branches with leaves still hanging on them are thrown over the fence into the bull pen where the young bulls get a treat of picking the limbs clean.


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