Yippee Yah Hoo


A funny thing happened the other day. We had finished the evening chores, Mike had made a run into the valley to get a few errands done, and I was in the house with Marilyn.

I assumed that Mike returned home when I heard the garage door open and close, Mike stepped into the house and announced he had won a waffle iron before stepping back out as he closed the door.

In the normal world this would seem kind of odd, but in this household we understood the unusual comment completely.

To get you up to speed, I will have to fill you in on a story.

What seems like a lifetime ago, Mike and I had gotten a waffle maker as a wedding present. It was a thoughtful gift and we appreciated it. So much so, that as a new homemaker, I started making waffles each week. Eventually, Sunday became Waffle-day.

Time went by, and Waffle-day shifted from a special treat to a tradition. Years passed, children were born and Waffle-day continued. It was about this time, I wanted to work outside the home and I got a position at a local retail store. It wasn’t full time, only twenty hours a week, but it interfered with Waffle-day.

Part time work getting in the way of a tradition put the whole household into turmoil and threatened to be a big enough issue to prevent my employment. Being the creative person that I am, along with being a glutton for punishment, would rise early to make the waffles, and arrange them on a serving dish. Waffle-day would be ready for the crew when they woke up.

Some days, when I was feeling particularly defiant, I would cook up extra waffles and put them in the freezer. I would pull them out on days when I was running late. I called them my emergency waffles, but I did not mention that to the family.

Years became decades, and Waffle-day continued. Until one morning, the waffle maker broke. I plugged it in, it heated up, but during the first pour, it died. The batter just sat there oozing out as the top compressed the bottom plate and the unit slowly turned cold.

I was ecstatic, I was laughing and dancing around the kitchen while singing a little ditty about the waffle maker being dead. I was free of the tradition! Mike had been outside during the death and missed the whole thing, he stepped in for breakfast and saw me doing a two-step and warbling away. He asked what was going on and I explained that the waffle maker was dead and there would be no more Waffle-days.

It was a quiet breakfast of corn flakes and milk while Mike digested the information about the units’ demise. After a long silence, Mike, as he was trying to be funny to break his mourning, stated that since we were in November already, it was getting close to Christmas time. Maybe we should ask Santa Claus for a new waffle iron. I retorted that IF Santa brought us a waffle maker, he should also bring us a dog house, because that is where Mike would be spending most of his time. I laid down the law, no more waffle makers, I was done. I killed the tradition right then and there with the death of the iron.

The end of waffles around here happened a long time ago, and I have lived happily without a waffle in this house for a decade or more. It is usually only after early morning clam digging that we have the chance to go out for breakfast. When we do, waffles are usually the order. I still get chided for the banning of all waffles and all waffle paraphernalia at home, but I am sticking to the declaration.

Back to present day, Mike and his announcement that he won a waffle iron…He had just come from running errands in town. I knew from his statement that he must have went to Bi-Mart. It was Tuesday, known far and wide as Lucky Number Tuesday. Each Tuesday, numbers are selected and posted at the store.

The postings are actually giving the customers a way to win two different ways. One is to match your last number of your Bi-Mart card. The odds are, that every ten weeks you will be a winner. Usually, the prize is a candy bar, a small flashlight, or a bag of chips. Nothing special, but the weekly drawing is the talk of the community and even gets posted on facebook (covertly) to encourage you to shop during your winning week. The other part of the drawing is to match your card number completely with a list of about 20 numbers. There are bigger prizes awarded, such as, you guessed it, waffle makers. Throughout the years, I do not know of anyone who has ever won one the bigger prizes, but rumors abound.

It is a good technique for the store to bring in customers, Tuesdays are jamb-packed. The die-hard clientele around here just love a good deal and are willing to head to the store one day each week to see if their number matches, they don’t seem to mind if it is a big gift or a $1. pack of jerky. Free is free after all.

Well, Mike matched his number completely and won. He wanted, desperately hoped, for a waffle iron.

Instead, it was this set of cookware, but he could not keep from giving me a good jolt about the possibility of a waffle maker coming back into the house without him going to the dog house!



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