Return of #57

Bull #57 was the larger bull that we took to the local county fair and to the Clark County Fair in Washington this past summer.

We have a long time bull buyer from Southern Oregon that has placed his order for this herd sire but he does not want him delivered until early 2016. The buyer had given us permission to hire him out for  the months until he is ready to be shipped.

After the fairs, we moved him south of Hillsboro to breed six cows. The bull was very happy with his job at the farm. The lovely ladies were nice to him, and the farmer fed him very well with hay that he produced right on his farm.

We had another local farmer that wanted to rent the bull for the next 63 days (this lets the cows have two heat cycles, just in case the first go-round doesn’t take).  When we tried to pick up #57, he didn’t like the idea of being taken away from his ladies. He got worked up before we could get a halter on him and had trouble getting him into the trailer.

We called the second farmer and told them that we were not comfortable taking the bull to service his cows with him being all worked up. We were concerned that someone could get hurt, or that he could get hurt.

Instead, we moved #57 back home where we are giving him some TLC. By the time we got home, it was like a completely different in the  trailer. He was calm and composed. Mike walked him on a halter without incident to the barn. He came into the head gates and started eating like nothing has happened.

We will keep him here at the farm until it’s time for him to go to Southern Oregon. I’m still going to keep my eye on him, just to monitor this new wrinkle in his personality.



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