The Inside Story

I was walking toward the bridge and saw a blob in the grassy area off to the left.

A closer look really had me baffled. I was not sure what the substance was. I could not detect an odor. I poked at it and it was gelatinous and it mostly held together. It did have some darker colors in it which lead me to think maybe it was an egg sack of some kind.

It was not the typical thing to be found in this area, and I had to expand my hunting to find the answer. It wasn’t until the next day when I came across another clue in the puzzle.

I found the bottom half of a frog left after a predator had dined on the top half with a little pile of goo by the remains.

The crows have been bunching up recently. I have been seeing crowds of 100 or more scavenging around during their mob scenes. It would stand to reason that they get hungry during all the excitement. All the goo must have turned them off getting to the tasty legs.

Mystery solved.

Even though it is rather disgusting.


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